Privacy Policy

3DiVi Company and its partners, affiliates and/or associates, provide solutions that integrate facial detection and face analysis software. 3DiVi Company’s Seemetrix is a completely anonymous solution: it doesn’t store any images and doesn’t record video. 3DiVi Company’s software doesn’t collect any personal information of an individual.

  1. How 3DiVi Company’s software works

1.1. The video is analyzed on the device and then immediately deleted. No image or video are sent to 3DiVi Company server.

1.2. The software uses real time computer vision algorithms and images from the camera to:

  • detect human faces in the digital images provided by the camera;
  • track each detected person while they remain within the camera’s field of view;
  • anonymously determine gender, age and attention time of each detected person.

1.3. The software uses video images to get such numeric indicators as the current number of viewers, their gender, age group and attention time. Personal information though remains fully anonymous:

  • the abstract numeric indicators are formed into anonymous aggregate data;
  • the real-time computer vision process that doesn’t store or relay of any visual information guarantees its absolute privacy.

1.4. 3DiVi Company’s software shall not be considered to be a video surveillance system since it does not record any video files.

  1. Anonymity of the Data

2.1. 3DiVi Company’s software doesn’t record any personal information of an individual.

2.2. There are two possible utilizations of data produced by the system:

  • the data is written to a text file and uploaded into a central database where it is aggregated for statistical purposes. This information cannot be linked to a specific individual and cannot be cross referenced with other databases for matchmaking purposes;
  • the data is sent in real time to an external device to trigger an action that was set up for a specific context; for example, to play a certain video or sound for a person that fits certain demographic group.