dev_l Devices

In Devices tab you can add new devices or you can control the existing ones.

To add new device press кнопка добавить, enter Device Pin and Name.

Device control

Restart app restart – restart the application.

Get screen shot screen – querying and displaying the image from device camera.

Get Log log – querying and displaying device’s logs.

Freeze device /Unfreeze device freeze – you can stop the service operation from your personal account. It’s used when you no longer want to use Seemetrix, however, all statistics gathered for the paid period of time remains available.

Configure conf – allows you to change camera settings remotely.

To add or to delete new device use ctrl. If you need to add new device instead of already existing one and you need their statistics to be accumulated under one device - use Link new device function.

Group actions

In Seemetrix personal account it is possible to perform various actions on several devices simultaneously - you just need to put a tick against devices and to press act. Choose the needed action in the appeared menu.


Devices grouping

You can group devices, for this you should:

  1. Select the necessary devices by ticking opposite the device name;
  2. Click act and select Add to group;
  3. In the opened Add to group window add the device to an existing group from the list or create a new one using the button new_gr.

To delete several devices from a group at the same time:

  1. Select the necessary group from the drop-down list Groups;
  2. Select the device from the group;
  3. Click act -> Remove from group.

To delete one device from the group, use the previous method or use ctrl. In the appeared window click on the cross next to the group name.

Note that when you remove a device from your group, you do not remove it from the system. It stays in the default group of all devices, and all the statistics collected from it are still stored in the personal account.

You can edit group names.

Share device

You can granted access to the statistics collected from your devices to other users of the Seemetrix service, for this you should:

  1. Choose one or several devices;
  2. Click act -> Share device;
  3. In the appeared window enter the email address to which the account of another user is registered and click Ok.